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Novus3 Pty (Ltd) is a certified Level 2 BBBEE company situated in the Capital of South Africa -

The City of Tshwane. 

Our market reach includes private, public, local and international clients.

Novus3 offers advisory services and is a licensed reseller and supporter of the CP3 product.


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South Africa, like the rest of the world, is currently in the midst of a lock-down, in a collective effort to battle the spread of COVID19. During this time, Novus3 remains fully operational as we are a fully cloud-enabled service provider and therefore can render our services from anywhere in the world, including from home. 
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Advisory, Consulting, Software Solutions  
Our Services
  • Novus3's staff comprise of built environment- and financial specialists supported by economists, data analysts and software development specialists.

  • Our advisory services draws from the strength provided by this blend of skillsets. 

  • We provide a range of advisory services in support of our clients making use of the CP3 product and the business processes that it supports.

  • We are specialists in the development of

    • Capital Expenditure Frameworks (CEFs),

    • Infrastructure Capital Investment Plans (CIPs),

    • Built Environment Performance Plans (BEPPs), 

    • Strategic Development Frameworks (SDFs), and 

    • Public sector budget- and fiscal impact simulations.


  • Wield your capital with impact, CP3 provides you with the rudder.

  • When developing a budget, you are prioritising. When prioritising, you are creating a defendable budget.

  • CP3 assists you to prioritise needs (projects) and develop accountable and defendable budgets.

  • CP3 provides you with direct evidence of addressing your organisation’s goals and objectives.

  • A smart prioritisation and innovative budgeting process -accessible and transparent at all levels of the organisation.

  • Who benefits from using CP3?

    • Channel partners providing prioritisation and budgeting services to clients.

    • NGOs and donor funders with a diverse investment requirements.

    • National, regional and/or local government authorities.

    • State-owned entities.

    • Industrial or mining companies.

    • Large corporates.

    • Schools and tertiary institutions.

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