About Novus3

Novus3 Pty (Ltd) is a certified Level 2 BBBEE company situated in the Capital of South Africa - The City of Tshwane. Our history and our strategy are the two strands of our company DNA with our clients providing the rungs of the ladder connecting the double helix that determines the core and values of our company. Novus3 is a living entity that is as much a product of its clients, than of the vision that is driving and shaping it from within.

We endeavoured to establish a diverse portfolio of clients. Both private and public sector clients are procuring our services.  The focus of the private and public sector is distinctly different, yet similar in the quest to obtain innovative and responsive solutions to the challenges they are facing.

Our Directors
Kunyalala Maphisa
Kunyalala Maphisa 
Business and Legal Risk Management, Mentorship 


Ms Maphisa brings to Novus3 her rich experience in the incubation of her own businesses, with knowledge of investment and project development with diversified interests on the African continent.

Ms Maphisa's legal background, as well as her background as President of the Businesswomen’s Association of South Africa and Council Member for Business Unity South Africa (BUSA), injects governance, business ideation, networking opportunities and leadership mentoring at all levels of Novus3.

James Scheepers
James Scheepers
Innovation and Solution Architecture


Mr Scheepers has an Honors degree in Town & Regional Planning and a MSc Masters degree in transportation planning. He also has a diploma in Project Management.

Mr Scheepers propels innovation in Novus3 drawing from his background in the advisory space, business solution architecture  and integrated planning.

Bernard van Biljon
Bernard van Biljon
Strategy and Business Development


Mr. Van Biljon is a registered professional engineer at the Engineering Council of South Africa. He holds a masters degree in engineering.

Since 2004, he has been involved in developing capital investment planning solutions for major clients and is a seasoned professional in the advisory space.

Jaco de Vries
Jaco de Vries
Process Solutions, Analytics and Compliance


Mr. De Vries is a registered professional engineer at the Engineering Council of South Africa. He holds a masters degree in engineering.

Mr De Vries enjoys questioning facts and solving complex technical problems and providing detailed analysis of the challenges and problems faced by our clients. He ensures that we deliver on the promises made to our clients. He propels all solutions to the point where we have exceeded all expectations within the time and budget allowed for project.

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