• Eulene Cronje

Achieving a Climate Responsive and Resilient City through Capital Investment Planning

Climate Change

Climate Change and its inherent impact on society has become an increasing concern within the built environment. Continued urban growth creates the need for an urgent focus on infrastructure investment which aims to reshape cities towards becoming more climate responsive and resilient.

The allocation of financial resources towards climate change infrastructure directly impacts the financial sustainability of cities, which in turn creates the need for cities to consider climate sensitive infrastructure investment planning.

CP3 allows users to integrate climate change principles within the annual capital expenditure planning process by:

  • Incorporating climate risk and vulnerability assessments as part of the CP3 prioritisation platform;

  • Identifying climate responsiveness and resilience portfolios, which provides the ability to ring-fence financial resources for climate specific infrastructure investment;

  • Aligning existing and planned capital expenditure to climate change intervention or adaptation programmes, and;

  • Creating a link between spatial targeting and targeted climate intervention zones.

The ability of CP3 to facilitate and allow for climate change principles, aids users with the identification and prioritisation of climate responsive infrastructure investment projects. In addition to the above, CP3 serves as a powerful analytical and reporting tool for purposes of securing additional funding opportunities made available through climate finance mechanisms.

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