• Renier Oosthuizen

CIGFARO National Budgeting Workshop: Municipal Standard Chart of Accounts (MSCOA)

Novus3, are proud to exhibit our flagship municipal budgeting platform, CP3, at the CIGFARO and National Treasury National Budgeting Workshop – "Budgeting in an MSCOA Environment", at Birchwood Conference Centre from 6 – 8 November 2019.

CP3 (Collaboration, Planning, Prioritisation, Performance) assists our public sector clients to prepare MSCOA 6.3 compliant capital budgets with simplicity and ease, ensuring that all approved capital budget items are compliant with the regulated MSCOA segments.

CP3 facilitates all three capital budgeting processes and output data strings throughout the financial year as prescribed by National Treasury, namely TABB (Draft / Tabled budget), ORGB (Original / Approved Budget) as well as ADJB (Adjustment Budget).

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