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Novus³ contributes to the reduction of road fatalities in South Africa

Novus³ presented a Road Safety Audit course in Cape Town from 16 to 20 July 2018.

According to the World Health Organisation, without sustained action, road traffic crashes are predicted to become the seventh leading cause of death by 2030. Approximately 0,016% of the world population dies in road crashes annually. The United Nations therefore launched the Decade of Action in 2011 with the aim of reducing the current 1,25 million road fatalities per annum worldwide by 50% by 2020.

South African Road Fatalities from 2011 to 2017 and the impact of the targeted 50% reduction in fatalities as proposed by the South African Road Safety Strategy of 2016.

In South Africa 14 000 or 0,026% of the South African population dies due to road crashes annually. This is approximately 50% higher than the worldwide annual population fatality rate. The current trend in South Africa is that road fatalities are on the increase with no indication that there are any sustained reduction in fatalities. The South African Road Safety Strategy launched in 2016 sets a target of the reduction of road fatalities by 50% in the year 2030.

Well-documented experience in Europe and Australia show that Road Safety Audits are both effective and cost beneficial as a proactive safety improvement tool. Consequently a growing number of countries, both developed and developing, introduced Road Safety Audits.

Novus³ developed a Road Safety Audit and Appraisal course on behalf of the South African Road Federation, supported by the South African National Roads Agency. The course is presented by Messrs Jaco de Vries and Bernard van Biljon, with the support of Dr. Louis Roodt. A two day introductory course has been presented three time since July 2017, whilst a five day road safety audit course aimed at road safety practitioners have been presented four times during the past 12 months. The most recent course was presented to road design engineers and road safety practitioners from 16 to 20 July 2018 in Cape Town.

Through our practical approach to road safety audits and appraisals we are contributing to a better understanding of the need for and the contribution of road safety audits to improved road safety thinking during the planning and design stage of road projects. An objective review of the likely causes of crashes and the type of injuries which are likely to occur during road crashes, enables road designers to amend their designs before construction commences. Reducing cost of road safety improvements, saving lives and reducing severity of road crash injuries.

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