• Eulene Cronje

Novus3’s Approach to the New IDP Guideline for Metropolitan Municipalities

The South African National Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA) has released a new version of the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) Guideline for Metropolitan Municipalities. This guideline builds on the recognised IDP process and incorporates planning reforms identified through the Built Environment Performance Planning (BEPP) process. 

To achieve a sound IDP process in line with good practice, CoGTA has identified nine priority focus areas to promote transversal and integrated planning together with an outcomes‐led planning and budgeting response to the National Development Plan (NDP). These focus areas include:

  1. Outcomes‐led planning;

  2. Integrated planning;

  3. Planning inter‐governmentally;

  4. Planning with the public;

  5. Planning and strategy‐led budgeting;

  6. Prioritising programmes and projects in integrated development planning;

  7. Monitoring and reporting on implementation;

  8. Annual reviews of integrated development planning; and

  9. Assessing the integrated development planning process. 

The establishment of a Capital Expenditure Framework (CEF) and a systematic approach to long-term capital investment planning plays an integral part in addressing these focus areas. Outcomes-led and integrated planning, together with strategy-led budgeting, forms the building blocks of a comprehensive CEF which comprises of the following components:

  • Instituting strategic, financial and spatial vision;

  • Promoting spatially targeted capital investment;

  • Integrated infrastructure development needs; 

  • Capital needs assessment and planning;

  • Optimal scenario identification;

  • Prioritisation methodology;

  • 10-year capital expenditure planning;

  • Phasing and implementation; and

  • Monitoring and reporting.  

Through the implementation and use of CP3 software solutions and accompanying technical support, a number of metropolitan municipalities are ready to transition towards an annual IDP and Budgeting process which aligns with the latest release of the IDP Guideline and incorporates institutional planning reforms established through the BEPP process.

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