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Woman's Month Edition: Promises regarding the socially vulnerable

Women's Month Edition

To say is one thing, to do another. To say capital expenditure should be directed towards the socially disadvantaged is in line with the fundamental principles of democracy and human rights, its manifestation in space is however sparse. To ensure that expenditure is directed towards socially deprived areas, is one of the biggest challenges that faces decision makers today and often leads to analysis paralysis.

Socio-economic profiling is one of the most important components of developing any plan that affects the strategy and vision of a municipality. The Deprivation Index is one such profiling tool that assist municipalities to prioritise capital expenditure towards the socially disadvantaged and vulnerable portion of the population.

According to the London Poverty Research Centre, Women’s rights activist Tahira Abdullah said “Poverty has a women’s face”. This is reflected in a United Nations’ Human Development Report which noted that 70% of the worlds impoverished are women. As we near the end of Woman’s month, it is useful to reflect on how the targeting of capital expenditure towards the socially vulnerable, will also improve and benefit the lives of countless women worldwide and specifically in our country.

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